Movin' in!

Today I had Emily and Dean move my sewing table and another table upstairs, figuring that I can get repairs and painting done (except for the floor) while having a place to be creative. Being partly upstairs and partly downstairs just wasn't working because it meant that neither place was a place where I could really stretch out and work. I was getting just a wee bit cranky. Well, a LOT cranky actually.

But now: Aaaaaaah!!! It really feels great to have such a large space. And the light up there is just incredible. It's a southern exposure so it will be wonderful for a few plants...maybe even a little ficus tree in the corner? Nice!

I'll try to snap/post a few photos of my progress tomorrow.

Hope your day was as productive as mine!


Teensy steps...

Yahoo! Managed to fit two 36" tall bookcases in the teensy closet by the fireplace. I stacked them and they almost look built in. Will be a great place to store supplies in plastic bins.

Feels good to have gotten something done.


Wrapping it up...sort of

So my work table is up on the third floor.

Seems like the perfect place to hide out and wrap presents, doesn't it?

I love Christmas Eve!


Let's hear it for Thrift Stores!

I went to a thrift store yesterday and bought seven silk blouses in a variety of colors. Today I bought some fusible knit interfacing. I washed and dried the silk so it has a wonderful hand.

What am I up to?

Ooooooh I've got ideas a-plenty!

I love that I can buy silk so cheaply! And if I go on Thursdays it will be even cheaper; if I buy at least ten garments I will be charged only $1.00 each! I saw the sign as I left the store...but I'm pleased with what I purchased and consider it a deal in spite of it not being a Thursday.

I loooooooove thrift stores. All the ones in our area stock everything by color and it's just such a feast for the eyes. And also a great trip down Memory Lane... hard to believe we actually wore some of the things, isn't it?



Christmas delays...

Christmas it is a-comin'!

So, naturally, there hasn't been the time to DO anything in the future studio space.

But I must say: everytime I go up there my heart does a little flutter. I love the feeling of being at the top of the house, high about the everyday world with all its cares. The energy in the space just feels so good.

It makes me feel as though anything is possible!

(And anything is possible if we just believe...)


Oh me, oh my...

l i l l e h u s : d e s i g n
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Thinking of adding: lab.studio.retreat ( ? )

I don't know, I don't know...
Maybe too cumbersome and too confusing. But it could read:

Lille Hus is where I design and delight in the myriad facets of my life. It is here where ideas are developed and discoveries are made (lab), where the best ideas are turned into wonderful and unique products to be offered for sale (studio), and where I facilitate wellness and healing - in myself and others - through Reiki and SoulCollage (retreat).

Gotta think about that for a while...

Would be nice if I could get one business license to cover everything...surely there are other mulitfaceted businesses out there, huh?



Thinking, since I saw this photo from a Swedish home magazine, (on the decor8 blog) that it might be lovely to paint the hall/landing outside the studio a pale peach...

And I'd love to have this quiet, contemplative feeling in the room...

It's even better when I imagine it with gloss white floors. Years ago I had a wardrobe just like this - even the same color - but I sold it when I had my antiques booth in Illinois. Darn!


Pictures (Before)

Okay....so here are the "before" shot with just my work table and a few other pieces in the room - all of which will go elsewhere eventually. The brick wall needs to be repointed a bit, we need to frame the window and close the wall at the top with some trim, get the extra electrical outlets run, and then paint, paint, PAINT! (And, yes, the ceilings are low...)

Let the work begin!


Making progress!


Dean and Meggie just moved my work table up to the third floor!!! I'll try to snap some photos this afternoon so I have "befores". I always say I'm going to do that with my decorating projects but somehow never follow through.

But this new adventure deserves a new way of doing things, don't you think?


It's all about THE Game!

Today, in between running errands and watching THE GAME (Go Navy! Beat Army!), we'll be trying to move my big work table from the summer kitchen (old studio) to the third floor (NEW studio!).

It's so exciting to get all this started...electrical will have to wait until after the holidays, but we can get all the other work done now.

If we can just get our you-know-whats in gear!

I wouldn't mind at all if the new studio had the simplicity and light of this one that I wrote about almost a year ago on my other blog (here). It is amazing to me how things once dreamt about come to past...it was in that post on 16 January 2008 that I first spoke about moving the studio upstairs and, now, here we are - doing it!



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