#134 A quick note to end the year...

Just got a call from the vet with news that ranks as THE BEST NEWS FOR 2011. Jake's pathology report show no malignancy! He should be absolutely back to his happy ol' self once the incision is healed. He started wagging his tail like crazy when I told him!

And my healing is progressing quickly, too. Out of the boot and into shoes, I'll start physical therapy next week to build up my strength and flexibility. Pretty good, since the doc had said in October I wouldn't be starting to put full weight on it until next week.

All in all today has been a great way to say goodbye to one year and usher in the next.

I wish all of my friends and loved ones (both two and four legged!) a new year filled with optimal health and wellness.

Happy New Year, everyone!

LATE ENTRY: Jake asked me to share the photo I took of him with his sock on:

Very stylish pup, isn't he???

-karen anne


#133 A lesson on love...

I've been spending a lot of time with our puppy Jake; comforting him, nursing him as best I can back to health. Just two days out of surgery for a lump on his shoulder (we don't have the pathology report back yet...) he's his same, endearing self, just a bit sleepier.

The thing that is so clear when I'm with him is how he loves us: completely, unconditionally, and without strings of any sort. Just pure, wonderful love that makes me wonder: just who is the one offering the true healing? Jake humbles me. And makes me grateful.

No Strings. Digital drawing. 2011
-karen anne


#132 All it takes...

I loved the Christmas tree I came up with (last post) but it was lacking something important: LIGHT!

So...I rescued from the garage an upside down tomato cage, wrapped it in tinsel and a string of white lights and placed it inside the "tree":

And now it feels just right.

What I realized through all this is that all it really takes to make a "christmas tree" for me is some semblance of a pyramid form and little white lights. Or a triangle and white lights if one is restricted to a two dimensional expression.

Now it's time to quit with the blogging  for a while and celebrate with my little family.

I wish you peace and good health...and a pyramid shape with white lights!

-karen anne


#131 A Little Christmas

I'm taking a break this year from all-out Christmas decorating - a necessity in light of the break in my foot. Ha! No bah-humbug, though, because I actually enjoyed the challenge to make things look festive - just in a different way! The results:

The "tree" is an old garden structure I found and bought to use in a future sculpture. It's nicely weathered - and I love the little ladder that goes up the front. The stars are from the collection I've added to over the years; the one box I had Dean bring up from the basement.

Everyone needs a Christmas Zebra, right? He normally sits on a window ledge in my studio, but he begged to be placed under the tree. (The snowflake is actually hanging behind his head - looks like he's wearing as a crown here!)

I stacked up a collection of things to make a Christmas sculpture in the dining room; a painted twig plant stand, a wee red chair, a wooden tree, and a horse holding a glittered star.

The horse's head is a clothespin and he has a rope tail. 
I think in his first life he held notes.

Santa of the Sea - I placed him in front of the painting of sailboats by my mother-in-law.
I love this painting! The little framed image on the left is the Christmas card I designed for this year.

One of my favorite snowmen dancing across the mantle in the music room. I had the sign on the porch for Megan and Andrew's wedding reception and have had it on the mantle since, so putting this snowman here was a no-brainer! I used two square, gold chargers behind the white candle holders to reflect the candlelight.

The Santa of the Birds and Bees that came together easily. I love birds. And bees. It makes me laugh whenever I pass it because it's a quirky collection that really expresses my quirky sense of humor. (Sorry kids!)

A drawing of Cupid one of the girls made when they were little (isn't it dear?), a little carved dog, and two little snowmen.

 An old door knocker, a carved Inuit penguin, a flat rock I found years ago, and a block of found painted wood that I decorated with stars (gold paint pen) and gold pipe cleaners. So convenient that there was a hole in the top of the wood to stick them in!

  One of my favorite Santas on a table in the living room. I love his crusty old-time glitter.

 I hung a star, meant to be a treetop decoration, from a this great old found object I display year 'round.  I love that it looks as if the star would light up if I turned the handle to make the gears turn!

 A little house Emily made in middle school (another treasure I love!) and a "tree" I put together from a small green glass bottle (the base) a pipe cleaner star, and what used to be a ceramic heating element I found and always wondered what to do with. Now I know!

So...that's what Christmas looks like at our house this year! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

-karen anne

p.s. Please excuse the wonky spacing in this post - Blogger must have been into the eggnog because it's spacing things the way it wants regardless of what I type!


#130 Full moon...

Full Moon/Winter Night. Digital drawing. 2011

A full moon shining in a cold winter sky seems to amplify the silence of the night...

-karen anne


#125 Eat your peas...

Eat Your Peas. Digital Drawing. 2011

My response to a cold, gray day.

-karen anne 


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