#119 All eyes...

I've allowed myself to be bored today -an indulgence I usually don't permit. There's always something I can find to do, or think about, or make plans for that will pique my interest and bring me out of a funk.

But not today. It's been that kind of day where time seems to stand still at the same time it seems like it will go on forever.. A cold, wet Saturday with an early snow falling and with me stuck inside looking out on the world. So I just stared into space and felt as if I was all eyes; no body, no broken foot, just eyes. Here's what it felt like:

All Eyes. Digital Drawing. 2011

Do you ever feel this way? It's the pits isn't it?

Tomorrow will be better. It always is...

-karen anne


#118 Cautiously Optimistic...

Little bubbles of hope rising to the surface...mind going back and forth....not quite ready to say "YES!"in bold colors...still a bit subdued in mood. This is how I feel today as I heal:

Healing, Day Ten: Cautious Optimism. Digital Drawing. 2011

-karen anne


#117 My Buddy...

Ever since I tripped over him last Tuesday night and suffered a fracture in my left foot, Jake has been worried and stayed close by - even sleeping with his head on my knee walker as I ate dinner tonight. He's such a dear that I decided to do his portrait again - but this time put it in the elegant gold frame his likeness so deserves!

The doctor doesn't think I'll be putting full weight on my foot until just after the New Year and I'm to be totally non-weight bearing for another 6 weeks. More than anything I'd love to take this sweet boy for a nice long walk...I'll have to figure out how I can do that before 2012. It's nice to know that he'll love me even if I don't find a way. How lucky am I???

-karen anne


#116 More Jake

Jake and I took a nap together yesterday before dinner:

He likes to rest his head on the arm of the couch...it's a good position for sleeping and watching TV. He's got quite the life. Well, actually, we both do!

-karen anne


#113 A good day...

What's not to love about a lovely, leisurely Saturday?

Hope you have a fine day!
-karen anne


#110 A new app...

I recently turned my Nook Color into an android tablet and downloaded a free Sketch application. What fun!

Here's the first sketch I did: 

The second:

The third:

And a close-up:

 I don't think I'm going to get much done around the house or in the garden this weekend this app is addictive!

-karen anne


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