#124 More dots...

  Dots II. Digital Drawing. 2011

Dots III. Digital Drawing. 2011

-karen anne


#123 Doin' dots...

Just because.

Dots I. Digital Drawing. 2011

Artist Jill Bliss writes in her profile, "...all of us have a unique creative voice and, no matter how our work evolves and changes, we all tell the same 2 -3 stories over and over."

How true that is for me. It keeps me sane to have a common thread that runs through all I do. It may not appear that way to the viewer, but it's absolutely clear to me.

-karen anne


#122 Horizontal With Four Legs...

I've felt this way often of late:

But I love Jake's rendition of On Being One With the Couch, don't you?

He looks soooooo comfy.

I love my buddy.

-karen anne


#121 Whispers

First of a series - probably not the final version, but a start:

Whisper I. Scanned and manipulated collage. 2011

There is some hand work I still want to do I think - maybe just piercing, maybe some sewn thread - to complete the work.  Don't know exactly what yet...I'll know what to do if I listen close enough to the whisper...

-karen anne


#120 My muse...


But this time facing left. He usually faces right. I think he feels that's his "best" side. I think he's perfect from any direction.

He's been such a sweet companion as I recuperate; makes me smile that, apparently, he's convinced that rubbing his tummy and/or under his chin is something I neeeeeed to do to get better! It does help...

Jake. Digital drawing. 2011

- karen anne


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