Let's hear it for Thrift Stores!

I went to a thrift store yesterday and bought seven silk blouses in a variety of colors. Today I bought some fusible knit interfacing. I washed and dried the silk so it has a wonderful hand.

What am I up to?

Ooooooh I've got ideas a-plenty!

I love that I can buy silk so cheaply! And if I go on Thursdays it will be even cheaper; if I buy at least ten garments I will be charged only $1.00 each! I saw the sign as I left the store...but I'm pleased with what I purchased and consider it a deal in spite of it not being a Thursday.

I loooooooove thrift stores. All the ones in our area stock everything by color and it's just such a feast for the eyes. And also a great trip down Memory Lane... hard to believe we actually wore some of the things, isn't it?


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