Geez. This figuring out the shop stuff ain't easy!

As I was running errands yesterday I just about had an anxiety attack when it hit me that, as much as I like the little quilt I made and showed you yesterday, it just wasn't right for the shop. Too cutesy. Too country. Too wrong.

I took it down this morning. I also took down all but one print because having things available as both prints and cards just looked too confusing. Waaaaaay too confusing.


I left the cards and will be adding some new ones soon. I will add several new prints, too - but they will be available as prints only.

And I'll be adding some original work - some small collages to start and then some small drawings perhaps. Not a lot, but enough to give some choice.

I want the shop to look fresh, crisp, contemporary. I've been repeating those three words as I go about the day. Fresh, crisp, contemporary. Fresh, crisp, contemporary...

But enough fiddling with the shop today - I'm off to get a frame. Carlisle Arts Learning Center is having a show and I'm entering a piece and have to have it ready tomorrow.

Later alligator!

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