Fiddling around...

How many ways can you waste time?

Waaaaaaaay too many.

I can get totally lost in Photoshop making layers and patterns and twists and turns.

At least I have something to show for it:

I don't know, I don't know...

Maybe what is supposed to be "the world" looks too much like something my sister's cats might cough up, you know?

Eh. Not my best. But I sure had a good time wasting most of a perfectly good Saturday! And maybe I'll take parts of it and do something I like more. I have a whopping big file of "parts" from this, believe me!

And, yes - I even watermarked this hummer - that's what the faint "lillehus" is on top of the image

So what did I miss while I was doing this, huh?

I have nary a clue...(but, shhh, don't tell: I don't even care!)

Late entry (VERY late!):

Better, huh? Maybe...

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