An exciting day ahead!

Today is the day Lille Hus opens and I'm a bit giddy! Here's what the shop looks like right now:

I figured 9 pm would be a great time to hit the "publish" button for all my listings, pop open the champagne, dance a jig, and then hit the hay and dream of waking to lots of orders! 

It will be fun to see how this goes, but right now I really, truly, feel like any sales are just a bonus. I've gotten so much out of the whole process of getting to this point, you know? And, while I've done as much as I can to prepare, I'll feel better once I get the first orders sent since I can't test out the whole sale and send portion. I'm prepared to handle the glitches that might pop up, but hope there won't be any!

One thing that really excites me about having the shop is my intent to donate a portion of Lille Hus's profits to KIVA (www.kiva.org) - a terrific organization that provides micro loans to entrepreneurs around the world, helping them realize their dreams. I got the go-ahead yesterday from KIVA headquarters to share that intent with my customers. I hope it will make them feel even better about their purchases - I know it will make me happy to give even more support to KIVA than I've been able to thus far.

I'll be spending my day doing a super-duper cleaning of my studio in anticipation of the opening. Even though no one can see it, it's important to me to have everything all organized and lovely; the perfect setting for the start of a new venture!

So...get your champagne ready, and join me at 9 tonight! (And get those fingers ready to hit the "Add to Cart" button! )

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