#97 Working against myself...

All my recently completed projects have not helped my momentum to complete others. I've created too many wonderful places to pause...to sit...to contemplate my navel...

Case in point: the Summer Kitchen. I gave Emily the wing chairs that had been there so she could take them to Texas for her new apartment and brought down two chairs that were meant to be together but that had been separated in different rooms. (I can clearly remember climbing up on the tufted one - the one on the right - when I was two or three years old. It was HUGE back then and I love that I can remember thinking it was tantamount to Mt. Everest!)

I brought down the large red ottoman that I had recovered, too.

And the great bright yellow lamp I bought at TJ Maxx that has been living in one of the guest rooms.

What was I thinking???? 

The light from the skylights is soooo intoxicating... I mean, would you want to leave and go make slipcovers??? I sure don't!

And then there's the porch. Aaaaaah, the porch....now replete with a vase of flowers that includes snapdragons, echinacea, May Night salvia ,and Bridal Pink hydrangeas. White wicker and hydrangeas... please, please, PLEASE don't make me go upstairs and work!!!

I could sit here for eternity:

I've got to get busy, though - 41 days until the wedding!

-karen anne

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