#98 Another project completed!

Got the slipcovers made for the sofas in the living room. I swear that I will never make slipcovers again. But that's exactly what I said after the last time I made slipcovers. I even made a pattern for them. Just in case. Sheesh. Go figure. 

Anyway, as promised, pictures:

Boy does it feel good to have these off my to-do list!

Now that they are finished, it's full speed ahead on the wedding gown. What a treat to sew on lighter-than-air silk after wrestling with these bears! They weighed 10 lbs. each so it was quite a workout trying to finesse all that fabric through my sewing machine and serger. Found some new muscles I think...

Now to get ready for a bridal shower that Emily and my sister Kristan are hosting here for Megan this Saturday. Promises to be a lovely event and I'll post pictures next week.

'til then...

-karen anne

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