#81 In the bleak mid-painting...

The painting is finished - the walls at least - and pictures of a more put-together home will follow shortly.

Till then, however, here's what we've been living in/on/around (yikes!):

New wall color on the left, old color on the right.

The pocket doors between the two rooms are magnificent and work beautifully. Unfortunately 
they are still painted pale blue...someday I'll get them painted I guess, but since we don't 
close the doors they really aren't on my radar of things that need doing.

Oh, what the heck... here's a snippet of my puttering results:

My mother-in-law did this wonderful painting - so glad we were lucky enough to inherit it!

Okay. That's it for a few days - I need to get busy painting woodwork!

-karen anne

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Joan said...

Love the new color!


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