#80 Aaaaah....

We suffered water damage on this wall about, oh, 5 years ago... it had become
invisible to us somehow, but I know visitors must have wondered about it!

Only took five years and two hours to fix it! Nice, huh?
I know I've shown more photos of my bookcases than you care to see, but it is such a thrill for me to see these getting fixed - and the wall, too. I hope you'll understand and forgive me. It's just so....... nice! And I am sooooooo happy!

Now that I've finished all the prep and priming, I can start applying the wall color tomorrow. What has been a golden yellow for many years will be covered with Valspar's Churchill Hotel Navajo White; a National Trust for Historic Preservation color. Not your run of the mill Navajo White, this is more cream than beige. I can't wait to have our living spaces freshened up with lighter paint. Quite a change since I've had such intense wall colors for so many years!

If you have a burning desire to paint, grab your brushes and come on over!

-karen anne

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