#68 Penumbra...

Litle did I know when I wrote my last post that the word I wrote about would describe my life since then: "...partial shadow between regions of full shadow (the umbra) and full illumination..." Penumbra.

I've been neither here nor there, yet everywhere in between. It happens sometimes. And, gratefully, it always seems to happen when it's most needed.

Shadow time, while it comes unexpectedly for me, is not at all negative. A bit like pregnancy, I find it to be a time of watchful waiting; a time of looking inside and wondering. It's the shadow times that keep me in touch with my soul. I'm grateful for the bit of sacred respite they provide. So, even though it would appear from the outside that not much was going on, I accomplished quite a bit. I seem to get more done in the quiet these days.

Anyway, I'm back now, happy to find myself  in the region of "full illumination", ready to let my little light shine again!

I have some good news to share tomorrow - so please, if you haven't totally given up on me, check back in to see what it is!

-karen anne

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