#69 Good news!!!

I have three bits of great news to share, the first of which is:

Our daughter Megan said "yes" to Andrew Hoyt Kless on a snowy hill in the Ukraine on 1 January 2011! I think she definitely wins the Best Way to Start the New Year award, don't you? The wedding will be in August; a small affair starting at our church two blocks away and ending at our home/garden where we'll host the reception. I've already designed the invitations and will get to start making her dress when she returns stateside in April - I can't wait! Dean and I are both so happy that these two found each other and fell in love! Here they are right after the proposal:

My second bit of wonderful news is that our daughter Emily (who will debut as Maid of Honor in August) got the first, of what I'm sure will be many, acceptances to graduate school!  Texas A&M will be lucky to have her attend if she chooses to go there, but for the time being she's continuing to wait and see what other schools she applied to will have the wisdom to send her acceptance letters!

My last bit of news came in the mail yesterday: I've been selected to have a show of my work at the Carlisle Arts Learning Center sometime during the summer of 2012! I will share the show with one other artist. I'm thrilled to have this to look forward to and excited to have something to work toward. I love knowing I have such a good chunk of time to work through ideas, experiment, edit, and just enjoy the process of it all without feeling pressured. As wedding details keep trying to consume me, it's nice to have something else to think about when I have a minute!

Good news is, as Martha would say, "A Good Thing!"
-karen anne

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