#25 The Gift of Quotidian Pleasures

Sometimes you have a day when the world is swirling madly outside your door.

You wonder if there's any hope for a world that humans seem intent on spoiling both physically and spiritually.You're afraid that it might be too late.

It's been one of those days for me, so I retreated behind closed doors and found solace in the simple, ordinary pleasure of tending my home. I topped it all by polishing the beautiful silver tea service that had been my grandmother's. Memories of the special times I spent with her filled me as I rubbed soft cream into the patina'd surfaces. I felt her love around me. I was soothed as I transformed tarnish into gleam.

Maybe that's where we need to begin, we humans.

Maybe we just need to tend our homes and our spirits will heal in the process. And as we heal, maybe we will find the will, and the way, to heal our relationships with each other and with Mother Earth.

Maybe we can still transform the tarnish into gleam.

Maybe it's not too late.

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