#24 My cool idea (if I do say so myself!)

A few posts back I showed you a picture of my lovely little Italian chandelier and said that I planned on doing the electrical work to change it from needing to be hardwired, to being a plugged in swag-type fixture. I also mentioned that I'm afraid of things involving electricity- especially if they might result in burning my house down if done incorrectly.

I had the directions and the materials all set to go, but just couldn't work up the courage. So my cool idea is to make it into a real candle chandelier! True, to use it that way involves actual fire, not just the possibility of fire, but somehow, by using real candles, I feel more in control. At any rate, with my decision made, I trekked over to the plumbing store and found the perfect copper fittings that 1. fit down over the electrical part meant to hold a light bulb and 2. hold a candle perfectly. Take a look:

I need to paint the fittings white, but wanted to show it before since it's easier to see the copper fittings this way. What do you think?

I like that it preserves the electrical work in case I decide somewhere down the road I want to use it that way, and I'm excited by the prospect of romantic candlelight in my charming little room. The light in there is so wonderful during the day - and now it will have equally wonderful light at night!

The picture has the drawer to the sideboard open and you can sneak a peak at the wallpaper I used to line the drawers. I used it in the washstand drawers, too:

I think wallpaper is much better for lining drawers than paper that's intended for the purpose. It's thicker and has a nicer finish and, if you pick up a roll from a clearance rack, it's much more economical as well! This is a roll with beautiful creamy colors and large flowers and I love the surprise of something pretty when I open drawers, don't you?

This last picture is a detail of a crewel worked pillow I found at an antique shop recently:

Isn't it lovely? The colors match the palette in the room and the pillow adds just the right touch to the sage green wing chair it sits on.

I'm hoping I'll get a call soon to let me know the new window for the room is in and ready to be installed. When that's in, I'll take pictures of the completed redecoration.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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