#26 Remembering my Inner Landscaper...

A few posts back I wrote about my angst about the Landscaper Dude coming to check out my (disheveled) garden. Remember?

Well, he appeared right on time and we spent about an hour touring my garden and discussing the things I would like to change/improve/add/subtract. Quite a nice guy who was clearly intrigued by the opportunities...making money not the least of them. But I was enthusiastic and told him I'd discuss his proposal to draw up a plan for about $1000. (He charges $50 an hour which seems totally fair since I charge $60 for my design time.) I told him I'd get back to him this week. Which I did.

I called him today and left a message (thank heavens for answering machines!) thanking him for his time, and explaining that, after discussing everything with my husband, we felt some of our other projects would have to take priority and that we wouldn't be able to take advantage of his Masters degree in Plant Science at this time. (Or, probably, ever.)

The truth of the matter is, as my dear husband reminded me, I have already drawn up a plan for my Dream Garden, and I know better than anyone the "look" that I want it to have. The plan isn't to scale, but Dean said he'd be happy to help me take all the measurements I need. And most are already on the copy of the plat we have for our property. But it sure was fun to talk to someone who understand my ideas and had even more of his own! Oh well...

It was really touching to hear Dean express pride and confidence in my abilities. I had totally discounted them in the presence of a Professional and ended up feeling lacking. Again. I need to stop doing that to myself, ya' know? Sheesh.

Next week I'll start taking the measurements and make an accurate drawing of what is here and then make an overlay noting all the things I would like to change. All we need to have done this year are two hardscaped paths so we can get the snow blower from the back of the house past the porch and to the sidewalk out front.  Easy peasy. I'll make copies of the plan showing where and how big the paths should be, decide on what materials I want, and give all that to at least three installers, and have them give me an estimates. Before winter, we'll have the paths we need! And someday we'll have the patio relaid (it wasn't done correctly by the previous owners) and incorporate some of the path materials to make things coherent and lovely. Just the way it should be. Bit by bit, over years and years, we'll get the hardscaping done.

Over the winter I'll refine planting schemes and be all set, when Spring arrives, to tranplant and plant as needed, and as time and money allow.

I'm taking a deep breathe.

My confidence is building.

I can do this!

(And I can count it as another Quotidian Pleasure, right?)

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