#4 More time in the garden...

My timing on finishing the studio was a bit wonky since it coincided with the garden being ready to be tended. I run upstairs and gaze at the amazing space at least once a day, but the bulk of my time is being spent outside - buzzing around the flowers with the bees and those blasted mosquitoes that have been trying to eat me alive. I'm especially sensitive to mosquito bites and get huge red itchy blotches; one on my calf is 4" in diameter. Fortunately the bites on my face are not quite that big, but I still look a mess. Thank heavens the bees have left me alone!

I love being out there, though, so mosquitoes be damned! Here's a peek at the back of the garden where I've got vegetables and a two new beds of perennials planted to keep Lillehus (my little shed) company:

I'll list all the plants I've put in later  - as they grow and are easier to identify. I've purposely put a lot in knowing that they may well need to be moved, but I want to see what does well where they are this year. I've done a lot of amending of the soil, and this year I'm adding a layer of mulch to try and cut down on the weeding and watering. I've put soaker hoses in the beds, too, and those should make watering easier.

Okay, that about does it for today!

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