#5 I finished!

As of 8:11 this evening, all my planting is done! A front went through and took the heat and humidity with it. Then a nice, steady breeze picked up and allowed me to plant without them pesky 'skeeters  a-bitin' me! Yahooo!

I also figured out how to tie up some bushes to keep them from being in the way of the construction crew that starts work on our new porch TOMORROW!!! To say I'm excited is an understatement! Dave The Construction Guy says it will take 6-8 weeks but I can't believe it will take that long...but I guess he knows better than me since it's his business, huh? I can see it all finished in my imagination, and already I'm thinking about next summer...hanging ferns and having a cup of tea in the morning sitting in a wicker chair perhaps...or maybe one of the porch rockers that are popular around here. I'm hoping for some good deals on outdoor seating as the summer ends. I loathe the thought of using crummy old plastic chairs on a pristine porch. Plastic won't do at all...

Speaking of seating, my studio now boasts a new IKEA Poang chair that Dean got me for my birthday. I drove over to get it on Thursday and had lunch with Emily while I was in her part of the country.  She helped me get the box in the car. (Nice to have strong kids!) I put it together yesterday and tested it out for the rest of the afternoon. It feels like it was made just for me; it's perfect in every way! Here's what it looks like in the color combo I got:

It has a nice sort of bounce to it that I love. I wish I could have one for the living room, too, but there isn't any room. Having this chair will definitely get me up to the studio, but I'm going to have to figure out how to sit in it and work at the same time or nothing will get done!

I'm looking forward to a good week. My friend Brooke is coming over early in the morning for a garden and studio tour before we take Jake to school and then have a leisurely breakfast together.  I'm going to declare the occasion the official celebration of leaving the employment of Dickinson College two years ago this week. Two years of absolute bliss! (Actually, if truth be told, I celebrate leaving Dickinson every day!!!)

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