#3 Time in the garden...

I've spent the past two days in the garden; re-arranging, making new beds, planting. I brought in a bouquet of roses and shot a few pics of them, then played around on Photoshop. I drew on top of the picture, basically tracing the form of the flowers, then separated the layers to get this line drawing that I highlighted with a bit of color:

Then I went back to the photo, took a part of it with the line drawing attached and then enhanced it with the rough pastel filter to get this:

I like the feeling of this with the lines...a good experiment I think...and I love learning new things on Photoshop.

Time in the garden and experimenting with two new pieces - not a bad way to spend a day!

Hope you have a good Memorial Day. We're going to the parade downtown (2 blocks form out home) even though it's at 8:30 in the morning; it's one of those Small Town USA things and it's always great. After that - and maybe another cup of coffee! -I plan to spend more time in the garden, and then later in the day we might find some fresh, wild caught fish to grill along with some vegetables for dinner. (And maybe strawberries for dessert!)

-Karen Anne

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