I'm gettin' there...

All the materials I need to mail products arrived today and tonight I'll do mock ups to see that everything fits in the mailers okay.

Last night I spent hours getting prints and cards set up for printing for the initial opening. I'm looking forward to having time to make other things to put in the shop, but this Get It Up And Going process is pretty involved. A big part of that is me, though. I like to have everything look right from soup to nuts...so, lots of time on Photoshop designing and tweaking. I tweak a lot. This is the only area of my life where The Perfectionist takes over.

I'm pleased with the way it's all coming together, though, and I'm getting kind of excited. I just hope I have some sales. My fantasy alternates between no sales and being swamped. Somewhere in the middle would be just fine, thank you!

I love what my oldest daughter said when I was starting all this Etsy shop stuff: "Mom, you're not carving David." She's so right. (And then I go off in my head about what Michelangelo's Etsy shop would look like...)

In the middle of designing the things I really need, I came up with a wordless logo for the shop. Not sure where I'd use it, but thought it might me something to use for those little tags on soft goods. I'm actually pretty happy with it!

Lille Hus Logo

So that's what I've been up to. How about you? Hope you've had a good day!

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