I found this in the midst of cleaning my studio today. It's about four years old - from a blog that Karen Bishop used to write:

Let go. Just let go of what you thought was real or important. Allow what is truly real now to enter your space and your reality. Take time for yourself…make it all be about yourself now and what you need to do to rest, self-nurture, exhale, be in the moment, let go of responsibilities, and just stay in your own sanctuary and bask. Find a way to re-charge your battery, rejuvenate, and allow time for you. Say no to commitments, gatherings, appointments and have-to’s as much as you can.

Allow yourself time for you, have a willingness to no longer make anything happen, and you will find that everything will simply happen on its own without you needing to be at the helm. Letting go of what no longer feels good or right will allow the new to arrive and place you in a very new space at the same time. TRUST.

I needed this reminder.

Funny how you find the things you need just when you need them, isn't it?

I was in just that relaxed place she writes about for the two months after I broke my foot, but it got away from me as soon as I was able to get around without my boot and crutches.

Life got a little crazy and tense when I decided to finally open Lille Hus. But I know I can have the shop open and do it in a way that still allows me to breathe and really enjoy the process and leave the outcome, well, out of all the rest of it.  I simply need to remember that as I go about my day.

This isn't a marathon. I'm not carving David.

I will dance with my creativity and enjoy each day. Simply. And with an open heart.

Que sera sera.


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