Coming soon to Lille Hus...

Three Vases is one of the images that might be offered as a print and card when the shop opens (soon!):

I'm busy getting images formatted, photographing each item, determining prices, and coming up with descriptions, postage profiles, and - oh yes! - a Facebook page! You can check that out HERE. I'm still trying to decide if I want to keep it - it just seems, I don't know, maybe just a bit pushy to try and get people to "like" it. But it would allow me to easily let fans of the shop know when new things are in, and I could offer coupon codes periodically. What do you think? Any strong feelings one way or the other?

And I've decided (I think) to have all the cards open at the bottom rather than the side so they can more easily be displayed by whomever might want to. Both the cards and the prints will be initialed and dated in pencil. They are little works of art after all, right?

It's absolutely freeeeeezing in my neck of the woods this afternoon, so it's good to be able  to stay inside and work. 

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