#134 A quick note to end the year...

Just got a call from the vet with news that ranks as THE BEST NEWS FOR 2011. Jake's pathology report show no malignancy! He should be absolutely back to his happy ol' self once the incision is healed. He started wagging his tail like crazy when I told him!

And my healing is progressing quickly, too. Out of the boot and into shoes, I'll start physical therapy next week to build up my strength and flexibility. Pretty good, since the doc had said in October I wouldn't be starting to put full weight on it until next week.

All in all today has been a great way to say goodbye to one year and usher in the next.

I wish all of my friends and loved ones (both two and four legged!) a new year filled with optimal health and wellness.

Happy New Year, everyone!

LATE ENTRY: Jake asked me to share the photo I took of him with his sock on:

Very stylish pup, isn't he???

-karen anne

1 comment:

Brookie said...

Oh Yaaaaa Jake, wonder Dog!
And Yaaa to his 2 legged Mom.
Your Christmas decorations look awesome--next year you can come do my house too!!
Happy New Year.


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