#131 A Little Christmas

I'm taking a break this year from all-out Christmas decorating - a necessity in light of the break in my foot. Ha! No bah-humbug, though, because I actually enjoyed the challenge to make things look festive - just in a different way! The results:

The "tree" is an old garden structure I found and bought to use in a future sculpture. It's nicely weathered - and I love the little ladder that goes up the front. The stars are from the collection I've added to over the years; the one box I had Dean bring up from the basement.

Everyone needs a Christmas Zebra, right? He normally sits on a window ledge in my studio, but he begged to be placed under the tree. (The snowflake is actually hanging behind his head - looks like he's wearing as a crown here!)

I stacked up a collection of things to make a Christmas sculpture in the dining room; a painted twig plant stand, a wee red chair, a wooden tree, and a horse holding a glittered star.

The horse's head is a clothespin and he has a rope tail. 
I think in his first life he held notes.

Santa of the Sea - I placed him in front of the painting of sailboats by my mother-in-law.
I love this painting! The little framed image on the left is the Christmas card I designed for this year.

One of my favorite snowmen dancing across the mantle in the music room. I had the sign on the porch for Megan and Andrew's wedding reception and have had it on the mantle since, so putting this snowman here was a no-brainer! I used two square, gold chargers behind the white candle holders to reflect the candlelight.

The Santa of the Birds and Bees that came together easily. I love birds. And bees. It makes me laugh whenever I pass it because it's a quirky collection that really expresses my quirky sense of humor. (Sorry kids!)

A drawing of Cupid one of the girls made when they were little (isn't it dear?), a little carved dog, and two little snowmen.

 An old door knocker, a carved Inuit penguin, a flat rock I found years ago, and a block of found painted wood that I decorated with stars (gold paint pen) and gold pipe cleaners. So convenient that there was a hole in the top of the wood to stick them in!

  One of my favorite Santas on a table in the living room. I love his crusty old-time glitter.

 I hung a star, meant to be a treetop decoration, from a this great old found object I display year 'round.  I love that it looks as if the star would light up if I turned the handle to make the gears turn!

 A little house Emily made in middle school (another treasure I love!) and a "tree" I put together from a small green glass bottle (the base) a pipe cleaner star, and what used to be a ceramic heating element I found and always wondered what to do with. Now I know!

So...that's what Christmas looks like at our house this year! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

-karen anne

p.s. Please excuse the wonky spacing in this post - Blogger must have been into the eggnog because it's spacing things the way it wants regardless of what I type!

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