#92 The front fence...

Things have changed out front!

The front fence used to be plain, but now it sports three black lattices with Elsa Spath clematis (they promise to be lovely and huge and deep purple) just starting to grow up them, and three Sky Pencil hollies that will grow to about 5 or six feet - the fence is 6' tall. I applied a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Shade Tree opaque stain before we planted everything:

This fall I'll plant some purple tulips all along the bed, and next spring I'll plant iris or Stella d' oro lillies on top...or however you're supposed to do that - I need to do some research!

-karen anne

1 comment:

Brookie said...

So pretty, I can't wait to see how everything grows up and does their thing!
Every time I pass in the car I take a look.....


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