#77 My new shop!

I would so go shopping here, wouldn't you?

I had to laugh when I walked into the dining room tonight after clearing things out of the music room; it looked like it could be one of my favorite shops! It's a good feeling to  know that the things we have collected (well.. that should, in all honesty, read "... I have collected...") over the years still make my heart sing!

My plan is to do some serious editing before I put things back in the music room. I'm not getting rid of anything, just not putting it all out at once; maybe rotate things with the seasons instead. My way of simplifying. I'm working my way up to a huge yard sale, but not this year with the wedding to get ready for. Maybe late fall. Maybe Spring 2012. Maybe. Or not.

"But why is everything out of the music room?" you ask? 

Well, because it is finally time to:

!!! PAINT !!!

Yes, indeedy, it's true! Tomorrow I start washing the walls and woodwork and then repairing/patching/priming as needed. I hope to start painting on Wednesday or Thursday. Somehow I've got to move the piano out of the corner so I can get a ladder over there. Hmmmm... Anyway, here's what it looks tonight:

Looks pretty grim, huh? (And, yes, we DO have a lot of books and magazines - but I'm going through those, too - really, I am!!!)

It's going to be so pretty and fresh when it's repainted a creamy white...I think the rugs will really be happier...and when I get all the slipcovers made it will really be the way I want it...until I want to change it all again!

I'll get to repeat the whole process in the living room when this room is finished; there'll be a whole new shop in the dining room!

-karen anne

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