# 76 Oh, I love my kiddos!

My Mama heart is getting filled to overflowing!

My sweet girl Emily came home yesterday so we could celebrate her Pop's 61st birthday. She spent the night and then headed back to Philly this afternoon. I loved having her here even for that short time! She is such a beautiful and thoughtful young woman and I love, love, LOVE her!

And, a BIG surprise: Megan and Andrew decided they had had enough of traveling and living abroad and are flying home tomorrow - arriving in Newark NJ just before 9pm! Can you believe it???? I'm soooo excited! YIPPPEEEE!!!!!

It seems live she's been gone forever even though it's only been about 4 months. Dean will drive over to pick them up (hopefully Andrew will come to Carlisle for a couple of days before heading to Rochester) and bring them back home.It will make for a long day for everyone, but it will be sooooo worth it!!!

Can't wait to give them both a HUGE hug!

I love having my kiddos here - and even though he hasn't married Megan yet, I consider Andrew one of mine already. Hope that's okay with him!

Anyhoo - Mama's happy with all the kiddos plopping in the nest again!

-karen anne

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