#52 More Projects Completed...

I'm happy to announce that the projects of having a new door made and installed, the house exterior painted (trim, shutters and door), new Andersen windows (that replaced our old, rotting and Very Drafty ones), and the new sign proclaiming our home as the Lechler House, circa 1831 is finally finished! Here is the new version:

I love the way the new door knocker looks, too. It's a brass Celtic Knot that was bought when we were in Ireland in September.

For those of you who are interested in details, the light trim is painted in Sherwin Williams Slippery Rock:

The door is Sherwin Williams Raisin:

The shutters are Tricorn Black.

Okay, folks, on to the next project/s: painting the inside of the new front door, then repainting the music room and living room, and - ugh - sewing the new slipcovers for the living room sofas. Will I be able to get all that done before Christmas? Do I want to? Do you understand why it's next to impossible to get anything in my Etsy shop? (Here's a peek at some of the kind of thing I will eventually sell there along with some fiber brooches, pillows, cards, etc.):

Someday...when the house it finished...when I get more time in the studio...

I love the colors in these and the direction I'm taking, but there's only so much time in my day!

But I must say, I'm delightfully decked out in jewels while I work on the house!

-karen anne

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