#42 Eye Candy...

Sometimes I need a good dose of color and pattern to get me going. Here are two bits of both that made me happy today:

This is a closeup of an afghan I found at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. I seem to have made it my mission to bring these home in all their colorful deliciousness. I hate that someone, somewhere, spent so much time and energy creating them only to have them be unappreciated and sold off for a pittance. My afghan orphans have flaws and funkiness, but they are special and brighten my home and I hope they know how very much I love them!

And how great would it be to have a colorful work like this in your neighborhood? It's one (of many!) by a French artist who paints over billboards and other advertising signs, transforming them from eyesores into works of urban art

"Cool! May we see more, please?" Well, okay, since you asked so politely, here's another:

Aaaah...pattern and color - it's just gotta be good for you, right??? Do you have some great, satisfying examples where you live?

-karen anne

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