#41 Tweaking Interiors...

Quite awhile ago I posted a picture of the green (Apple I by L. Ashley at Lowe's) bedroom in our home that had once been the Master bedroom, then Emily's room, and, most recently, where Megan has hung her hat when she's been in town between semesters in grad school. Here's how it looked in that post:

It looked okay, but it needed some punch, so I changed the dust ruffle to black, added black and white pillows from IKEA (less than $9 for each cover), changed the rug to two that I had made from leftovers from carpeting the hall, and changed out the art work and lamp with others I already had. I found the black velveteen quilt at the foot of the bed for $15 at a closeout sale. I made the lace curtains from lace I had bought for $1 a yard 23 years ago. (See? I knew it would come in handy!) I like it all the changes, and they cost less than $50! Here 'tis:

Hard to see here, but the lamp on the desk is a wonderful bright citron yellow.

One of my favorite things about the room is the small patchwork pillow on the bed that Megan made when she was 9 or 10. And I love the little bird above the bed. I'm still thinking I might want to add a open work crocheted canopy, but for now I'm finished and happy. Clean, bold, contemporary things are finding their way into all my rooms now... Curious.

Have you tweaked any of your rooms lately? Do you feel the need to add a touch of contemporary, too?

-karen anne

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Sharon said...

Very nice, Karen Anne! I have an ecru bedspread crocheted by my grandmother long long ago. You have inspired me to put in on my bed (black iron frame) and to consider how to use more contemporary accents. I have two pieces of painted furniture in there, too, that are just begging for an update. Thanks for the inspiration!


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