More chickies...

I'm having fun coming up with new designs and reworking some older ones. Here's the newest - a little Spring Chicken all decked out for the season:

I just realized that this is one rendition behind - the final version has some little white petals around the white spot on the big flower.

I might give a try at making this little chicken in fabric - she just wants to come to life! And the flower, too.Or maybe both as little sculptures in polymer clay? Hmmmm!

But first I gotta conquer the blasted light box challenge. I tried turning my IKEA Lack table on it's side and draping fabric over the legs and it would be super for earring-sized things, but it's just not big enough for my needs. Doing the same thing with a card table as described here is a bit too big. So...I found part of a white plastic bookcase (the base and one shelf) that might just do it. Fingers crossed!

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