Let the games begin...

As evidenced by my last post and all the flurry around here, I'm in the throes of getting an Etsy shop up and running.

I posted about it on Facebook - how Karen Anne Glick Creative Design Studio was the name of the shop. Soooo typical of me to jump the gun with excitement. Sheesh.

Right after I shared my Big News with the world, it hit me:

I should (and will - keep reading!) use The Studio at Lille Hus as the Etsy shop. Why?

Well, because I'm such a Gemini, that's why. I want to be a shop owner and still maintain my Professional Artist persona. You know, the one who will have work at MoMa someday??? Yeah - that one.

The fact is that most Professional Artists don't do anything but Serious Art Work.

But I wanna do more: the fun, the funky, the whimsical, the touching, and yes, dear reader, the serious designer pillow that will make your room sing.

And then I want to stop doing all that and listen to the deepest part of my soul when it calls and urges me and guides me to create my other work. The work that makes my soul sing.

Doing that kind of work takes more money than I'd like to admit. Always the way, huh?

I'm hopeful that the shop will bring in a bit of change to support that artist; the one who longs to get better materials, be able to take workshops in various media, and have the funds she needs to properly approach galleries and answer those "call for entries" that beckon.


That's what The Studio at Lillehus will provide; a place to give that artist a boost  - and allow me to have fun while I'm doing it.

And I've decided that a percentage of my annual sales will go to Kiva to help other people realize their dreams - just the way my little shop will help me realize my own!

Whew. Glad that's settled.

(You can take a peek here.)

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