#103 Beauty is so fleeting...

As I write this, the flowers from the wedding are beginning to wilt and fade, their beauty spent. I'll be posting more pictures with details of the wedding over the next week or so, but for today I just wanted to show you the two bouquets I made - the larger one with the pink roses was Megan's (the Bride!) and the smaller, cream one was for Emily (the Maid of Honor):

Megan's bouquet was made up of Prince Jardinier garden roses (so fragrant!), Carla Romantica spray roses - both ordered online from Whole Blossoms, Vendala roses ordered online from Sam's Club, seeded eucalyptus, and rosemary from my sister's garden. I wrapped the stems with a wide satin ribbon dotted with pearls, securing it with a line of pearl corsage pins, and gracing it with my great-grandmother's sapphire and pearl crescent pin for the perfect old/borrowed/blue touch.

For Emily's bouquet I used mostly Vendala roses, a few of the Carla Romantica roses, and green hypericum berries (also ordered from Sam's Club) and just a touch of the rosemary. I wrapped the stems with a soft olive green wired ribbon, finishing it with a line of pearl corsage pins like I did for Megan's flowers.

I was really anxious about how the flowers would last in the heat of August, but they did beautifully and were much hardier than I could have imagined. Next time I do something like this I won't be such a worry wart!

Here's another pic (taken by her friend Sarah L. Smith) that shows Megan with her bouquet and her handsome husband Andrew:

I've gotten very little done since the wedding - I just keep looking at the photos! She and Andrew are such a wonderful couple and their love and happiness just leaps out of the picture, doesn't it???

-karen anne

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