#86 Living a Full Life...

I know. The blog has been the last thing on my To Do List of late.

I've been planning a wedding in addition to all the painting and repainting.

I've been tweaking and re-tweaking the design for the wedding invitations.

I've been meeting with the landscaper about redesigning the garden and installing new shrubs and flowers. She's promised it will look lovely for the wedding reception in August.

I've been watching Landscaper Dude work his magic with pavers. (Pictures when he's finished!)

I've been off to D.C. to buy fabric for the wedding gown and thinking through all the details of constructing a light corset to be inside the gown. (The thinking through of wedding gown construction is tantamount to planning a military exercise in my book!)

I've been entertaining family and my future son-in-law.

I've been off to Rochester NY to be entertained by Andrew and his wonderful mom when I visited with Megan.

I've been trying to be helpful as both daughters move - Megan to Rochester and Emily to Texas.

I've been celebrating Emily's decision to go to Texas A & M for her MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering - on a FULL RIDE!!! I've been getting ready to Skype a LOT when she moves all that way away. I've been trying to be a Big Girl about it.

I've been counting my blessing and being thankful.

I've been living a very full and wonderful life!

I'll be here more often eventually. Promise.

-karen anne

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Beautiful! Enjoy this time! You can write all about that, and everything else, later. It will still be there to be celebrated yet again in the telling. Love you!


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