#84 Oy.

It ain't easy being super sensitive to the slightest nuances of color.

But not having the right shade/tint/hue can drive me nutso. Really nutso.

So I'm repainting the rooms I just painted. And with just the edges cut in so far, I'm already breathing easier!


There's a BIG difference! The back is the Churchill Hotel Navajo White I did first. The second is Malted Milk; a wee bit darker and a bit less yellow.

Anyway, it makes the incredible trim we have around the windows in this historic home stand out and shine...just the way it should.

Little things mean a lot. In life and in color choices for one's home!

-karen anne

p.s. Wondering where I've been? Up to Rochester, NY meeting my future son-in-law's mom who's now a wonderful new friend, and down to Bethesda MD shopping with Megan for the fabric for her wedding gown! (We found the perfect silk - and once I get finished painting and making slipcovers I can start on it!)

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