#64 New Work...

I've been simmering ideas for some new work for several months, and, after reading The Mist-Filled Path; Celtic Wisdom for Exiles, Wanders, and Seekers by Frank MacEowen, I headed to the studio. It was uncanny the way the ideas I had been thinking about blended perfectly with thoughts provoked by the book.

Here are the five pieces I've finished thus far:

Cruithear. 2011. Mixed media. 9x12 inches

Oran Mór. 2011. Mixed media.12x9 inches

Lectio Divina. 2011. Mixed media 12x9 inches

  Shining Ones. 2011. Mixed media 9x12 inches

Rhiannon. 2011. Mixed media. 11x14 inches

I'm excited about these and have more works in mind. But for now I have to get these images on a CD and submitted to our local Arts center for jurying - in hopes of being selected to have a show (either solo or with another artist) sometime within the next two years. And while I'm at it, I think I'll also submit them for jurying for the PA sponsored The Art of the State 2011. I had three drawings selected for the show in 2006 but haven't submitted any work since then. The entry has been sitting on my desk for a month...

Fingers crossed!

-karen anne 

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