#3 Time in the garden...

I've spent the past two days in the garden; re-arranging, making new beds, planting. I brought in a bouquet of roses and shot a few pics of them, then played around on Photoshop. I drew on top of the picture, basically tracing the form of the flowers, then separated the layers to get this line drawing that I highlighted with a bit of color:

Then I went back to the photo, took a part of it with the line drawing attached and then enhanced it with the rough pastel filter to get this:

I like the feeling of this with the lines...a good experiment I think...and I love learning new things on Photoshop.

Time in the garden and experimenting with two new pieces - not a bad way to spend a day!

Hope you have a good Memorial Day. We're going to the parade downtown (2 blocks form out home) even though it's at 8:30 in the morning; it's one of those Small Town USA things and it's always great. After that - and maybe another cup of coffee! -I plan to spend more time in the garden, and then later in the day we might find some fresh, wild caught fish to grill along with some vegetables for dinner. (And maybe strawberries for dessert!)

-Karen Anne


#2 Me and my muse...

I think Jake quite likes having his portrait up on the web for all the world to see. He spent all of yesterday looking at me with those sparkling, dark eyes full of puppy love and making himself as cute as can be so I couldn't possibly resist completing a second portrait of him. (I've reposted the first one below this new one) Here it is:

Portrait of Jake with Table and Posies

Portrait of Jake with Wall Shelf and Posies

Enjoy! (Jake sure is!)

- Karen Anne


#1 A new decade deserves a new look!

I am 60 years old today!

I love the idea of starting a whole new decade (really, I do!!!) and feel compelled to start it with a fresher look for this blog and all my business ephemera - to match the fresh, new look in my studio. Things that feel heavy and cluttered and fussy no longer appeal. Bright, light, and clean is what captures my heart these days. I hope the new look appeals to you, too!

And, after working on and off on the third floor for over a year, my new studio is finally finished! I'm so happy with the results; it's exactly how I envisioned it would be:

I stapled velcro under the edge of my worktable and attached these striped rugs I found at Ross's for $6.98 each. They cover the plastic storage drawers I have beneath them.

I painted the wall opposite the windows the palest of lilacs - just a hint of wonderful color. I love it combined with the orangey-red accents I used.

My Aero-Pilates machine will stay up and be used regularly now!

Big Bird is very creative. He told me so himself!

I hung striped rugs from a cafe rod on this antique standup desk that was my Dad's to cover the bookcases I placed there for extra storage.

I was even able to clear out this little room that had been used for storage and turn it into a sweet little bedroom - perfect for an afternoon nap or an extra guest. The toile wallpaper was put up by the former owners of our home.

I've a bit of finishing to do; I'll make new panels for the screen out of the fabric I draped there, and I'll make some more pillows for the bed out of black and white fabrics.

This space still looks a bit chaotic, but before The Big Re-Do you could barely walk into it! Now it stores my fabrics, gift wrapping supplies, iron and ironing board, and my wireless printer.

It feels wonderful to have it all finished! Bright, light, clean and PERFECT! I even used it today to do this drawing I've titled "Portrait of Jake with Wall Shelf and Posies":

And now it's time to go sip a bit of bubbly...turning 60 ain't so bad!


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