#61 For Megan...

My older daughter, Megan, has finally arrived in Krakow, Poland after an exhausting 24 hours on a train. She started in Brussels where she had planned to hop on a Ryanair jet and be in Krakow some 90 minutes later. Heavy snows closed the airport, however, and flights were canceled. Not one to give up, she figured out how to still make it to Poland for Christmas. I can't wait to hear the tale of her trip! The bits I heard, from quick phone calls along the way, reconfirmed my belief in the kindness of strangers. Angels are everywhere - especially at Christmas! I'm grateful to all of them that appeared and helped her on her journey.

Since she couldn't be at home with us, I took a few pictures and posting them here seemed to be the most expedient way to show her what we were up to. I would have gotten them up sooner, but I've had my nose in my new Nook - the color version! How lucky was I to get that for Christmas, huh? But I digress...

Christmas in Carlisle:

Wrapped up and ready to go!

Things with wings and petals on our tree. There are quite
a few eggs, too. It's an optimistic tree, somehow, with all
the references to nature and transformation.

Fire and Ice (on the coffee table)

Centerpiece in the Dining Room

Side table in the Dining Room. My mother-in-law gave us
the sweet demitasse cups for one of our first Christmases together.
I love bringing them out and using them every year!

I love these dishes from Crate and Barrel that Dean gave me 
a number of years ago - I think before the girls were born!

Santa's Weird Helper

Jake is such a good sport!

Jake with tissue paper stuck to his chin... he loooves
Christmas wrapping paper!

Looking for more fun paper to shred but frustrated The Dad 
put it all in a bag. What a spoil sport!

Christmas Dude Resplendent in Polka Dots

The Aftermath. With Fire. (Love that On Demand option!)

It was a nice Christmas and I'm glad everyone I love found their way home - even if it took 24 hours on a train!

I hope your day was wonderful, too!

-karen anne

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