#57 Back home again...

Last week, since I had my tree up and cards all finished, I decided to head south to Norfolk, VA to have a Just Me visit with Mom and Dad. I stayed with my sister and brother-in-law so I could see them after they came home from work. It was a wonderful few days! I helped Mom and Dad put up their tree and it was so much fun to see all the ornaments that they collected as I was growing up. I love that the most special "ornament" is the star on top; they purchased it for their first tree for ten cents at the dime store!

And I like that they have the tree up on a trunk in front of a mirror - it makes the whole vision doubly wonderful!

Mom always decorates their mantel and mirror with the little Jule Nisse she got when we were in Norway. I love the way she poses them to look like they are scrambling all over:

That's my Dad reflected in the mirror - handsome, isn't he???

My decorating is very much like my Mom's now - and I realized even our trees are quite similar:

This year I tried out the 3-M command hooks so I could hang garland on both fireplaces. I like the way it looks and sure hope the hooks come off as advertised after the holidays! (The coffee table I painted green this summer looks especially nice at Christmas - fits in nicely with all the red and green.)

I love these old Christmas ornaments in my great grandmother's cut glass punch bowl. They look like old mercury glass, but are really just old silver ornaments with the silver worn off.

Emily will be home this weekend so I think the Christmas baking will wait till she can help (with the baking AND the eating!)

How are your holiday preparations coming?

- karen anne

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