#50 Quick update...

Progress on all fronts! Well, on the front of the house at least...

I'm getting ready to prime the inside of the new front door and then go ahead and apply the second (final) coat on the exterior even though the painter-guy planned to return Monday morning to do it. Today is bright and sunny - and warm - and Monday promises to be coolish and rainy, so I thought I'd go ahead while I had all the painting stuff out.

Anyway, dear readers, here is a snap I took of the front door without hardware (we have to close it at night with a screw driver! yikes.) and with just the first coat on:

I absolutely love the color - Raisin by Sherwin Williams. Think of that old commercial with the California Raisin dancing around you'll visualize the exact shade. It's perfect. The hardware will go on Tuesday and everything will be completely finished. Finally!

I always thought the old six panel door was correct, but the four panel makes such a difference visually, and it feels good to have it the way it was meant to be. I'll post a picture of the completed door side-by-side with the previous one so you can see the difference.

Okay - I'm off to do my painting! Have a great weekend!

-karen anne

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