#32 Experiments...

Sometimes I think my studio should be more aptly be called a lab because of all the experimenting I do...like making lace today!

More fun then fine, this lace is the result of arranging pieces of fabric and thread between two pieces of a special water-soluble stabilizer, sewing back and forth and around and around on top of the "sandwich", and then putting the piece in a warm water bath to dissolve the stabilizer. For my first experiment with this technique, I used the fabric trimmings from all the things I've been sewing of late, so the "lace" coordinates with everything. I cut the lace in half diagonally and sewed it to the ends of a soft green chenille I had on hand (I cut it into an oblong strip for a scarf) then added a band of black satin ribbon at each end as an accent. I serged the edges of the scarf in black so it would relate to all the other items I've been making.

Here is the final result of today's experiment (each end of the scarf is, of course, slightly different; typical of everything I do!):

Tomorrow will be spent sewing a pair of grey herringbone slacks. Not as exciting as making lace, but the basics have to be made nevertheless!

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful rest of September. I'm taking the next two weeks off to get some big projects finished around the house that have been weighing on my mind, but rest assured I'll be back the first week of October. (OCTOBER?!?!?!  Yikes - where is the year going???)

See you soon!

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