#28 Dinner at my house...

I cleaned out the fridge and made a yummy vegetable curry that I served in bowls atop tri-colored couscous. A dollop of chutney on top of each serving was the perfect touch. Can't wait for leftovers tomorrow when the flavors have had even more time to mingle and blossom.  Here's how it looked as I was cooking:

Believe me when I say that I haven't found a downside to being vegetarian; meals are always colorful! Do I miss the brown of cooked meat or the pale chicken breast on my plate? No!!! The bright, fresh colors that fill my plate now are much more satisfying to my eye and to my body. And, in addition, the knowledge that I'm being kind to my fellow animals, and to our island home, brings me satisfaction and joy. It truly is a lovely way to eat.

Want to come to dinner? I'd love to have you at our table!

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