#21 Something else I know for sure...

I'm really happy with the way the porch turned out!

Bear in mind that there's still painting to be done; Sherwin William's Tidewater blue on the ceiling, white on the posts and railings, and the brick will be painted in a color similar to the color of the decking. And we still need to put the coffee table together for the conversation group and get two black porch rockers. BUT: other than all that, it's finished!

What do you think??? Does it make you want to come "set a spell"? Hope so!

I'm not afraid to go out on the balcony now that the porch roof is on! (next life I vow not to be afraid of heights...)

Yup - we need to change some things around on the patio - extend it to the width of the stairs and make new paths from the front gate to the patio and porch and then from the patio to the back part of the garden. We'll need to move some rose bushes and shrubs of course. And add some new plantings. The sign to the right of the door is an old hand-painted sign for the Holiness Church of God. I especially love it because the pastor is a woman!

I love the new conversation group! It's from Better Homes and Garden at Walmart - and was on sale! It's actually made by the Brown Jordan company that makes some really high end outdoor furniture. The director's chairs are from Lowe's; a great find on sale, too, for less then $12 each - including the covers! (And, yes, I'm planning on making a bit of a screen from old shutters to put in front of the unsightly air conditioner in the window.)

I'm glad we had the two ceiling fans installed - they make a nice breeze and help keep bugs away. Note the nice job that was done to make the Bilco door to the basement flush with the rest of the deck. It's fully supported underneath so walking on it is safe. The sign resting against the railing reads "After Hours" and is actually the name piece from the aft end of a sailboat. I bought it at some antique store years ago and have been carrying it around never finding the right place for it - until now! It will hang from a chain over the stairs you see here - forming an arch and designating our new porch as the 
After Hours Veranda!

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MJ said...

Karen, you're house and porch are beautiful! So jealous, hope to have something so lovely someday!


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