#19 Uffda!

It's hot here. Really hot. And humid.

How is it where you are?

I know I promised some updates, but my mind is really feeling baked and, as my grandma used to say, "My got up and go has got up and went." Seriously.

I've been trying to get a few projects done in the house, but nothing is keeping me intrigued.

We're all just limp.

Here's some good new, though: Megan got the internship she wanted in Brussels! I'm so proud of her! We celebrated last night by going to the Belgian restaurant in town and having dessert; Belgian waffle with strawberries, cream, and a truly decadent chocolate sauce. Yummers!

What do you like to eat on a hot summer night? I'm making gazpacho and serving it with cucumber sandwiches. And nice cold Blue Moon beer with orange slices.

Hmmm - the day may be picking up with that to look forward to!

Stay cool.

I'm gonna chill...

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Ann Gordon said...

We are still dealing with a cooler than usual summer; fog at both ends of the day with lovely 70's in the middle. I'm getting ready for my first in-the-saddle horse show in 40 years and am grateful that I'm not riding in 100 degree weather; did that a couple of weeks ago was not happy.

I'm not the creative cook that you are, but in the hot weather we BBQ. A chicken Ceasar with a warm breast off the grill, or a chicken pasta salad (with the grocery roasting the chicken). We never get more than a couple of days of heat before the fog rescues us. And, we don't get the humidity with the heat. It's either damp (foggy) or hot (dry).


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