#16 Putting things in perspective...

The newspaper ran a story this morning about the situation in Haiti. It has been six months since the devastating earthquake. The Haitian government has done little if anything to help its people, and the living conditions, for most of those who survived, continue to be wretched.

I read the story in the comfort of my beautifully appointed historic home, cooled by a fan and air conditioning, sipping tea made with clean water boiled in an electric kettle, while outside two workmen put the roof on our new 12'x38' porch.

For the rest of my day, no, for the rest of all my days, I will remember a sentence quoted in the story and attributed to Menmen Villase, a woman living in a makeshift slum north of Port-au-Prince, Haiti:

"I'd love to live under a plastic sheet, but I can't afford it."

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